Is your body feeling old before it’s time? Do you believe that low energy, poor posture, aching muscles, painful joints are an inevitable result of growing old?

Well it’s not true! There is absolutely no doubt that physical exercise is a fundamental part of all aspects of health and wellbeing.

Apart from the growing body of research out there, more importantly there are an increasing number of real people walking and running around that prove you can stay fit and healthy, or regain a good level of wellness, right into your 80s 90s and beyond!

I have directly taught a variety of physical techniques, from the vast catalogue of Eastern and Western medicine, to people ranging from young and healthy to elderly and infirm.

No matter what your current situation, there is something positive and constructive that you can be doing.

If you are ready, and an action-taker, then the information and techniques here are ideal for you:


But not everyone wants to work on their own, and for most of us we need that extra support to help us move forward step by step.  We may need help to build our discipline, and even value sharing the journey with someone who is really on our side.

This is where personal coaching, tailor made to suit your needs, has many advantages. If this is you, then let’s have a chat and see if we are right for each other: